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Ashcroft Throttle Screws Throttle Screws

Throttle Screws
Throttle Screws

The simplest means of providing a restriction in the socket, a throttle screw, should be ordered with the gauge. Threaded or pressed into an instrument socket, the throttle screw orifice selected is based on the viscosity of the pressure fluid, rapidity of pressure fluctuations, and the amount of dampening effect desired.

A smaller orifice should be used for low viscosities, high frequencies, high pressure and reduced pointer amplitude. To accommodate these variables, throttle screws are available in these sizes: 0.0135, 0.020, 0.031, 0.040, and 0.070 inches, in brass and stainless steel. When orifice size or service condition is not specified, a 0.020-inch orifice will be supplied on Duragauge® pressure gauges 0.0135, on 25-35 1009 and 63 and 100mm 1008S.

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