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ASCO Solenoid Valves Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valves
Solenoid Valves

ASCO’s new condensate drain valve assemblies feature 2-way, normally closed solenoid valves with brass bodies. Their compact design saves space, simplifies service, and improves performance. A short stroke design allows for increased life of vital components. Each assembly features an adjustable, solid state timer with LED indicators and a Type 4 rating.

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Cat #TypePipe Size (ins.)Max. Fluid Temp.°FACDCCv FlowOrifice Dia.(ins.)Volume Drained per Second (oz/sec.) 1MinMax. AC WaterMax. DC Water
SC8261S405Solenoid Drain Valve - Normally Closed1/4”1959.29.20.111/16”50435435
SC8261S406Solenoid Drain Valve - Normally Closed1/4”1959.29.20.183/32”70290230
SC8261S408Solenoid Drain Valve - Normally Closed1/4”1959.29.20.351/8”10017560
SC8261S413Solenoid Drain Valve - Normally Closed1/4”1959.29.20.935/16”240145145
SC8238S401Solenoid Drain Valve - Normally Closed3/8”1959.29.21.7525/64”45014545
SC8238T402Solenoid Drain Valve - Normally Closed3/8”19545.52.897/16”815175175
SC8238S404Solenoid Drain Valve - Normally Closed1/2”19513132.461/2”63014545
SC8238T405Solenoid Drain Valve - Normally Closed1/2”19545.54.459/16”1445230230
Max. Fluid Temperature: 195 °F        

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