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ASCO SERIES 8214 Gas Vent Valves

Gas Vent Valves

• 2-way normally open operation
• Unique double disc design with overtravel provides redundant sealing for leak tight shutoff in the closed (energized) position (3/4” to 2”)
• Die-cast aluminum bodies
• Zero differential piloted diaphragm
• Valves provided with 1/8” NPT downstream pipe tap with plug for routine testing

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Cat #TypePipe Size (ins.)Orifice Size (ins.)Cv Flow FactorBtu/hr.Min.Max.Max. Fluid Temp.°FConst.Ref.ULFMCSAWattageApprox.Shipping Weight (lbs)
8214G013COMBUSTION (Fuel Gas) - NORMALLY OPEN3/83/43.4172,500051251General Purpose Valve-General Purpose Valve17.12.3
8214G023COMBUSTION (Fuel Gas) - NORMALLY OPEN1/23/44.4206,250051251General Purpose Valve-General Purpose Valve17.12.3
8214G033COMBUSTION (Fuel Gas) - NORMALLY OPEN3/43/45.1247,500051252General Purpose Valve-General Purpose Valve17.12.5
8214G038COMBUSTION (Fuel Gas) - NORMALLY OPEN3/41 5/811659,000051253General Purpose Valve-General Purpose Valve20.14.3
8214G054COMBUSTION (Fuel Gas) - NORMALLY OPEN11 5/8211,179,000051253General Purpose Valve-General Purpose Valve20.14.3
8214G064COMBUSTION (Fuel Gas) - NORMALLY OPEN1 1/41 5/8321,538,750051254General Purpose Valve-General Purpose Valve20.14.3
8214G074COMBUSTION (Fuel Gas) - NORMALLY OPEN1 1/21 5/8351,615,250051254General Purpose Valve-General Purpose Valve20.14.3
8214G084COMBUSTION (Fuel Gas) - NORMALLY OPEN22 3/32602,924,500051255General Purpose Valve-General Purpose Valve20.16.3
Valve Parts in Contact with Fluids:
Body Aluminum
Seals and Disc NBR
Core Tube 305 Stainless Steel
Core Guide Acetal (20.1 watt only)
Rider Rings PTFE (20.1 watt only)
Core and Plugnut 430F Stainless Steel
Springs 302 Stainless Steel
Shading Coil Copper
Pipe Plug Zinc-Plated Steel
Operating Pressure Differential (psi), Min.: 0
Operating Pressure Differential (psi), Max.: 5
Max. Fluid Temp.°F: 125
UL General Purpose Valve
CSA General Purpose Valve

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