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ASCO 8256 Series Subminiature 2-Way Solenoid Valves

Subminiature 2-Way Solenoid Valves
8256 Series

Small poppet valve well suited for a wide variety of Air, Water, Lt. Oil Applications. Recommended for use in place of the 8225 Series valves.  Direct acting, normally closed solenoid valves. Available either AC or DC operated in brass or 316 stainless steel bodies and with or without manual operators.

• 2-way normally closed operation 
• Compact design 
• Brass and 316 stainless steel body constructions 
• Mountable in any position 
• Available with manual operator

Standard: Open frame (Prefix U) 18” leads
Optional: DIN (size 11mm, form B) (Prefix SC). Watertight/ IP-65 when used with DIN connector kit for SC coils.

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Cat #Pipe Size (ins.)Orifice Size (ins.)Cv Flow FactorConst.Ref.Approx.Shipping Weight (lbs)Max. Fluid Temp. °F ACMax. Fluid Temp. °F DCWattage ACWattage DCModel:Max. AC 1 AirInert GasMax. AC 1waterMax. AC 1 Light Oil@ 300 SSUMax.DC 1 AirInert GasMax. DC 1 WaterMax. DC 1 Light Oil @ 300 SSUStainless Steel
U8256A001V1/83/640.0510.51801806.36.9General Service500500400360360330U8256A013V
U8256A002V1/81/160.0810.51801806.36.9General Service400390230220220220U8256A014V
U8256A004V1/83/320.1510.51801806.36.9General Service180180105909090U8256A016V
U8256B045V1/87/640.1920.61801806.36.9General Service13512680636363U8256B046V
Valve Parts in Contact with Fluids 
Body:  Brass 316 Stainless Steel
Core Tube/ Bonnet: Stainless Steel / Plated Steel Stainless Steel / Stainless Steel
Core and Plug nut: Stainless Steel
Springs: Stainless Steel
Seals and Disc: FKM
Shading Coil:  Copper


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