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ASCO 8223 Series High Pressure 2-Way Solenoid Valves

High Pressure 2-Way Solenoid Valves
8223 Series

Ideal for high pressure water applications (up to 1500 PSI). Pilot operated solenoid valve available in a normally closed construction. They are a rugged piston construction built to withstand high pressures and are available AC or DC with brass and stainless steel bodies.

• Rugged piston construction built to withstand pressure ratings of 450 to 1500 psi 
• Angle body design for high flows 
• Ideal for high-pressure water applications, such as car washes 
• Mountable in any position

Standard: Watertight, Types 1, 2, 3, 3S, 4, and 4X.
Optional: Explosionproof and Watertight, Types 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 7, and 9.
(To order, add prefix “EF” to catalog number.)

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Cat #Pipe Size (ins.)Orifice Size (ins.)Cv Flow FactorMin.Const.Ref.Max. Fluid Temp. °F ACMax. Fluid Temp. °F DCACDCModel:Max. AC WaterMax. DC WaterMax.AC Airinert GasMax.AC Lt.Oil @300 SSUMax.DC Airinert GasMax.DC Light Oil @ 300 SSUStainless Steel Body Catalog NumberStainless Steel Body Const. Ref.
8223G0211/45/161.510-200-10.1/F-NORMALLY CLOSED750-750750----
8223G0251/45/161.510-20015017.1/F22.6/FNORMALLY CLOSED150050015001500500500--
8223G0233/85/161.510-20015010.1/F22.6/FNORMALLY CLOSED750400750750400400--
8223G0273/85/161.510-20015017.1/F22.6/FNORMALLY CLOSED150050015001500500500--
8223G0031/23/83.225220015017.1/F22.6/FNORMALLY CLOSED1500500150015005005008223G0104
8223G0053/43/47.825320015017.1/F22.6/FNORMALLY CLOSED7504507507504504508223G0125
Valve Parts in Contact with Fluids 
 Body:  Brass 304 Stainless Steel
 Seals and Discs: NBR, PA, PTFE  PTFE, NBR
 Core Tube:  305 Stainless Steel
 Core and Plug nut:  430F Stainless Steel
 Springs: 302 Stainless Steel
 Shading Coil:  Copper Silver

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