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ASCO 8221 Series Slow Closing 2-Way Solenoid Valves

Slow Closing 2-Way Solenoid Valves
8221 Series

Designed to effectively reduce damage caused by water hammer.  Solenoid pilot operated valves available in normally closed and normally open constructions. Available either AC or DC operated with brass bodies.

• Pilot operated, normally open or normally closed 
• Snubber slows disc closing speed to protect system against water hammer damage more effectively than other techniques 
• Pressure spike due to water hammer is reduced to a point eliminating the need for suppressors or other controls in most water systems 
• Fluid Controls Institute Inc. evaluations have classified these valves: Pipe Sizes FCI-82-1 Class 3/8 , 1/2 , 3/4 CC 1 , 1 1/4 , 1 1/2 , 2 , 2 1/2 BB

Standard: RedHat II - Watertight, Types 1, 2, 3, 3S, 4, and 4X; RedHat - Type I.
Optional: RedHat II - Explosionproof and Watertight, Types 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 7, and 9; RedHat - Explosionproof and Raintight, Types 3, 7, and 9. (To order, add prefix “EF” to catalog number.)

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Cat #Pipe Size (ins.)Orifice Size (ins.)Cv Flow FactorConst.Ref.Max. Fluid Temp. °F ACMax. Fluid Temp. °F DCACDCModel:MinMax. AC WaterMax. DC Water
8221G0013/89/16311801506.1/F11.6/FNORMALLY CLOSED5150125
8221G0031/29/163.511801506.1/F11.6/FNORMALLY CLOSED5150125
8221G0053/43/45.521801506.1/F11.6/FNORMALLY CLOSED5150125
8221G0071111.551801506.1/F11.6/FNORMALLY CLOSED5150125
8221G0091 1/41 1/81361801506.1/F11.6/FNORMALLY CLOSED5150125
8221G0111 1/21 1/42471801506.1/F11.6/FNORMALLY CLOSED5150125
8221G01321 3/436111801506.1/F22.6/FNORMALLY CLOSED5150125
8221G0152 1/21 3/438121801506.1/F22.6/FNORMALLY CLOSED5150125
8221 0213/89/16315-150-16.8/FNORMALLY OPEN5-125
8221G0213/89/1633180-16.1/F-NORMALLY OPEN5150
8221 0231/29/163.515-150-16.8/FNORMALLY OPEN5-125
8221G0231/29/163.53180-16.1/F-NORMALLY OPEN5150
8221 0253/43/45.516-150-16.8/FNORMALLY OPEN5-125
8221G0253/43/45.54180-16.1/F-NORMALLY OPEN5150
8221 0271111.517-150-16.8/FNORMALLY OPEN5-125
8221G0271111.58180-16.1/F-NORMALLY OPEN5150
8221 0291 1/41 1/81318-150-16.8/FNORMALLY OPEN5-125
8221G0291 1/41 1/8139180-16.1/F-NORMALLY OPEN5150
8221 0311 1/21 1/42419-150-16.8/FNORMALLY OPEN5-125
8221G0311 1/21 1/42410180-16.1/F-NORMALLY OPEN5150
8221 03321 3/43620-150-16.8/FNORMALLY OPEN5-125
8221G03321 3/43613180-16.1/F-NORMALLY OPEN5150
8221 0352 1/21 3/43621-150-16.8/FNORMALLY OPEN5-125
8221G0352 1/21 3/43614180-16.1/F-NORMALLY OPEN5150
 Valve Parts in Contact with Fluids :
Body: Brass
Disc:  NBR
Seals: PTFE & NBR
Core Tube: 305 Stainless Steel
Core and Plug nut: 430F Stainless Steel
Springs: 302 Stainless Steel
Piston: Stainless Steel or Brass
Shading Coil:



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