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Johnson Controls A-4400 Refrigerated Air Dryers for Pneumatic Control Systems

Refrigerated Air Dryers for Pneumatic Control Systems

The A-4400 Series Refrigerated Air Dryers are designed for continuous operation to supply dry air to pneumatic control systems. All components are selected and assembled to provide dependable service over a long period of time with a minimum amount of maintenance. The air dryer uses R-134a refrigerant, an environmentally friendly HFC, minimizing the risks and/or costs associated with use and disposal of refrigerants.

There are six models available, models can be ordered with or without an optional factory mounted Air Purification System. For air dryers not equipped with an optional factory mounted Air Purification System, a properly configured air supply system must include a coalescing oil removal filter as well as an activated carbon oil vapor removal filter.

• hermetically sealed compressor, heat exchanger, and automatic condensate drain trap
• an insulating sleeve covers the automatic condensate drain trap to eliminate external condensation
• evaporator pressure gauge and the automatic condensate drain trap with particle filter are internally mounted and are easily accessible through the end of the unit
• includes a standard cord and plug for 115 volt 60 Hz single-phase electrical service
• includes a removable protective cover
• models equipped with optional Air Purification System (A-4412-1, A-4417-1, and A-4423-1) include: coalescing oil removal filter with integral pressure drop indicator, packed column type activated carbon oil vapor removal filter, service bypass valve, pressure reducing valve, safety relief valve, power on/fail lamp

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Cat #Flow Capacity at Rated Condition, scfm (L/s)Air Purification SystemShipping Weight, lb
A-4412-112 (5.7)Yes72
A-4412-212 (5.7)No67
A-4417-117 (8.0)Yes78
A-4417-217 (8.0)No73
A-4423-123 (10.9)Yes78
A-4423-223 (10.9)No72
Electrical Rating: 115 Volt 60 Hz, Single-Phase Electrical Service
Current Draw: 5.75 Amperes

R-134a (HFC)

Compressor: Hermetically Sealed
Agency Listings: UL Listed and CSA Approved
Ambient Operating Temperature Limits: 40 to 115°F (4 to 46°C) with Maximum Dew Point of
86°F (30°C), Non-Condensing
Ambient Storage Temperature Limits: -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)
Pressure Drop with 80 psig (560 kPa) Supply and Rated Flow: A-4412-1: 10 psig (70 kPa);A-4412-2: 4 psig (28 kPa)
A-4417-1: 17 psig (117 kPa);A-4417-2: 8 psig (55 kPa)
A-4423-1: 33 psig (228 kPa);A-4423-2: 15 psig (103 kPa)
Maximum Input Pressure: 125 psig (862 kPa)
Connections: 3/8 in. Compression Fittings for Polytubing or Copper Tubing
Finish: Gray Enamel

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