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ACI A/TT100 Series A/TT1K Series A/TTM100 Series A/TTM1K Series Temperature Transmitters

Temperature Transmitters
A/TT100 Series A/TT1K Series A/TTM100 Series A/TTM1K Series

ACI temperature transmitters are a cost effective solution for all of your temperature measurement needs. The transmitters are accurate, durable, and reliable. Numerous mounting configurations are offered. ACI produces two temperature transmitters, the A/TT100 for use with a 100 Ohm Platinum RTD and the A/TT1K for use with a 1K Ohm Platinum RTD. The transmitters produce a linear 4-20 mA output carried on a two-wire system. Optional output voltage ranges of (+1-5 or +2-10 VDC) can also be ordered. The transmitter is supplied factory calibrated, and supplied with zero and span potentiometers for field calibration. The transmitter is linear from -50 to 392°F. The A/TTM Series transmitters are calibrated using a high accuracyNIST traceble digital thermometer and temperature chamber at three points standard.

• Not polarity sensitive
• Class A RTD
• Double Potting Process avoids moisture issues
• Custom calibration ranges are available
• Contiuous Element Averaging Sensors Applications:
• Data acquisition
• Process Control
• Clean Rooms

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4
Table 1Sensor Type
A/TT100100 Ohm RTD
A/TT1K1000 Ohm RTD
A/TTM100100 Ohm RTD
A/TTM1K1000 Ohm RTD
Table 2 Configuration
R2 Room
R2S Room w/Setpoint
O Outdoor Air
W-6’ Raw Sensor w/6’ Leads
SP Stainless Plate
RSO Room w/Setpoint & Override
RO Room w/Override
S Strap - On³
D Duct 4”, 8”, 12”, 18”
I Immersion3 2.5”, 4”, 6”
A Averaging 12’, 24’
RA Rigid Averaging 18”, 24”, 36”
Table 3 LCD Display
DF LCD Display (Degrees F)
DC LCD Display (Degrees C)
Table 4 Housing Type²
PB Plastic Housing (Standard)
GD Galvanized
Transmitter Supply Voltage:  8 to 35 VDC, No Polarity Sensitivity
249 Ohm Load: +12 to 35VDC
499 Ohm Load: +17 to 35VDC
Temp. Transmitter Input: 2-wire Platinum 100/1K Ohm Class A RTD
Temp. Transmitter Output: 2-wire, Linear 4 to 20mA DC Current (Std.)
1 to 5 VDC or 2 to 10VDC
Temp. Transmitter Accuracy: +/- 1% of Calibrated span (Standard)
NIST Accuracy: Specified by customer down to +/-0.5oF
Temp. Sensor Operating Range:
Single Point: -58 to 392oF (-50 to 200oC)
Continuous Element Averaging: -50 to 275oF (-45.5 to 135oC)
For sensors with Display option, see LCD Series Temp display cut sheet

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