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ACI A/RH-TEMP Series Relative Humidity/ Temperature Combinations

Relative Humidity/ Temperature Combinations
A/RH-TEMP Series

The A/RH-TEMP Series Relative Humidity transmitters, convert a resistance to a linear 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 5 VDC, or 0 to 10 VDC output. The current signal may be transmitted over long distances on unshielded twisted-pair wire and will not be affected by the lead wire resistance orelectrical noise.
The Advanced Ceramic Technology design overcomes the limitations of other resistance-based humidity sensors that utilize water soluble polymer coatings. The Advanced Ceramic Technology enables these sensors torecover fully from condensation. This allows the sensor to maintain its accuracy over a longer period of time. Despite its accuracy, the Advanced
Ceramic Technology sensor and related circuitry is economical.
Accuracy is maintained over the entire operating range, using a thermistor for temperature compensation.
Each A/RH-TEMP Series humidity transmitter is calibrated using an NIST Traceable Temperature and Humidity Chamber.

•Low Drift
•Highly Repeatable
•Temperature Sensor Ouput
•Field Selectable Output Signals
•Single Point Field Calibration using DIP Switches
•Lowers Inventory Cost
•Light Industrial
•Humidity Chambers
•Pool Environments
•Process Control

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Table 1Table 2
Table 1Configuration
R2ORoom w/Override
R2ORoom w/Set Point*
R2SORoom w/Set Point &Override*
OOutdoor Air
SPStainless Plate
Table 2Temp Transmitter Output (if needed)
44 to 20mA Output
11-5 VDC Output
22-10VDC Output

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