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ACI A/AN Series A/CP Series A/3K Series A/1.8K Series A/20K Series Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor
A/AN Series A/CP Series A/3K Series A/1.8K Series A/20K Series

The A/10K-AN (Type III), A/10K-CP (Type II), A/3K, A/1.8K and A/20K Series temperature sensors are thermistor type sensors. These sensors provide a predictable output over a specified temperature range to meet each manufacturer’s required input values. (See web page for complete curve chart specifications) These units are offered in Room, Room with Set Point, Room with Override, Room with Setpoint and Override, and Room w/ Setpoint, Override, and RJ11 Jack, Stainless Steel Duct and Duct without Box, Immersion, Stainless Plate, Raw, Bendable Copper and Stainless Steel Rigid Averaging, Strap-On, Bullet Probe, Button Sensor, and Outdoor Air Configurations. All ACI Room sensors may be ordered with an optional setpoint (see chart on the following page), override, or with a 4 pin RJ11 or 6 pin RJ12 communication jack with terminal blocks, for remote programming. These units are also available with a 1/8 RS232 Stereo Jack.

• Offer high accuracy and interchangeability over a wide temperature range.
• Higher resistance output relative to Platinum RTD’s
• Non-polarity sensitive Applications

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4
Table 1 Sensor
CP (Type II) CP (Type II)
AN(Type III) AN (Type III)
3k 3k
1.8k 1.8k
20K 20K
Table 2 Configuration
R2 Room
R2S Room w/ Setpoint
R2O Room w/ Override
R2SO Room w/ Setpoint & Override
D Duct 4”, 8”, 12”, 18”
DO Duct without box 4”, 8”, 12”, 18”
I Immersion³ 2.5”, 4”, 6”
A Bendable Copper Averaging 8’, 12’, 24’
RA Rigid Averaging 18”, 24”, 36”
FA Flexible Averaging (Cable) 8’, 12’, 24’
S Strap On³
O Outdoor Air
SP Stainless Plate
BBS Brass Button Sensor
W Raw
W-6’ Raw Sensor w/6’Leads
BP Bullet Probe
SBS Stainless Button Sensor
Table 3 Communication Jack¹
RJ4 4 Pin RJ11
RJ6 6 Pin RJ12
RS232 Stereo Jack
Table 4 Pot Action¹
DA Direct
RA Reverse
Sensor Output: 10K Ohms @ 77oF (25oC) Type III
10K Ohms @ 77oF (25oC) Type II
3K Ohms @ 77oF (25oC)
1.8K Ohms @ 77oF (25oC)
20K Ohms @ 77oF (25oC)
Accuracy (0 to 70oC): +/- 0.06% @ 32oF (0oC) Single Point
+/- 1.0 Ohm @ 70oF (Averaging)
Stability: less than +/- 0.1oC drift
Operating Temp Range: +/-0.2oC (+/-0.36oF)
Operating Humidity: -58 to 392oF (-50 to 200oC)
Interchangeability: -50 to 275oF (-45.5 to 134.8oC)
Power Dissipation Constant: 0.00385 Ohm/Ohm/oC
For sensors with Display option, see LCD Series Temp display cut sheet

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