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Honeywell DCP551/552 DCP552 Digital Control Programmer

DCP552 Digital Control Programmer

The DCP552 is a high-function programmer/ controller supporting two channels (up to 49 program patterns per channel) to which thermocouple, resistance temperature detector (RTD), DC voltage, DC current and other signals can be input. The DCP552 supports a memory card interface, 16 event outputs, 16 external switch inputs and a wide range of other functions as part of the standard specification.


  • Accuracy of ±0. 1% FS. Easy-to-view large display characters. Compact design
  • Any input type can be selected by console key operation.
  • Easy operation aided by guidance messages
  • Up to 49 program patterns can be stored to each channel and up to 99 segments can be programmed to each pattern
  • Program patterns can be saved or loaded using the Smart Proximity Card (sold separately).
  • The Smart Proximity Card uses highly durable and non-contact type cards
  • Any event can be selected to each channel and set for the 16 event outputs, and code events comprising a combination of two or more points can be set
  • 16 external switch inputs allow the control of remote selection of programs Nos. or operation on each channel separately or both channels simultaneously
  • CE marking-compatible Applicable standards: EN61O 10-1, EN5008 1-2,EN50082-2

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